; ********************************************************************** ; Deze file bevat alle foutmeldingen van de Atom. ; ********************************************************************** error1: db "Font not found$" error2: db "To many GOSUB's$" error6: db "Checksum incorrect$" error7: db "Wrong textformat given$" error18: db "To many DO statements$" error22: db "No more DATA$" error29: db "Invalid or missing function$" error30: db "Array to large in DIM statement$" error31: db "RETURN without GOSUB$" error38: db "Stack fault in PROC or FUNCTION$" error39: db "Attempt to use variable$" error44: db "Unknown OSBYTE call$" error47: db "Disk full$" error48: db "Unknown '*' command$" error49: db "File not found$" error50: db "Path not found$" error51: db "No more free handles$" error52: db "Access denied$" error53: db "Unknown handle used$" error59: db "Invalid access code$" error62: db "Unknown drive$" error63: db "Not allowed to remove current directory$" error65: db "No more file(s)$" error69: db "Illegal FDIM statement$" error76: db "Assembler label error$" error91: db "Hex number expected$" error94: db "Unknown statement$" error95: db "Floating point parameter not correct$" error109: db "Number too large$" error111: db "Missing variable in FOR statement or too many FOR statements$" error118: db "Incorrect name$" error120: db "'(' expected$" error123: db "Illegal floating point argument$" error127: db "Line-number not found$" error128: db "Argument SIN, COS or TAN too large$" error129: db "Division by 0, missing CEND or protected RAM$" error132: db "WEND without WHILE$" error134: db "Array index out of bounds$" error135: db "Syntax not correct$" error137: db "Error in parameterlist$" error138: db "Variable expected$" error149: db "Floating point array index out of bounds$" error152: db "GOSUB without RETURN or FOR without NEXT$" error156: db "Illegal adressing in assembler$" error157: db "Label not found$" error159: db "Not terminated ""$" error163: db "Illegal or too many names$" error165: db "File load operation interrupted$" error166: db "Missing PEND or FEND statement$" error169: db "Floating point result too large$" error174: db "Importand parameter missing$" error191: db "LOG or power of 0 or negative number$" error198: db "UNTIL without DO$" error200: db "String incorrect$" error208: db "Assembler mnemonic not known$" error210: db "Missing CEND statement$" error216: db "Illegal DIM statement$" error221: db "Disk is write protected$" error230: db "NEXT without FOR$" error237: db "CONT statement not possible$" error238: db "Argument for EXP too large$" error242: db "Too many WHILE statements$" error248: db "Memory full$" error249: db "Missing WEND or ELSE$" error254: db "Statement only allowed in direct mode$" error999: db "Undefined error$" errortabel: dw error999,error1 ,error2 ,error999,error999,error999 dw error6 ,error7 ,error999,error999,error999,error999 dw error999,error999,error999,error999,error999,error999 dw error18 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